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Novelle embodies the Nocturnal Empire spirit by working on a wide variety of projects across the organization and is also a passionate creator who enjoys live streaming on twitch. 


Thursdays - Saturday 


Hi, my name is Novelle, but you can call me Nove, Novie or Novey. I'm a content creator on Twitch and have been streaming since 2018 (with some breaks in-between). I've really enjoyed streaming games and building a fun community! 

The main game I enjoy playing on and off stream is League of Legends. I've played since 2012 and have never been the best, but it's always connected me with friends and new people. I enjoy playing other games as well, but I will always default back to the rift.

I'm a Lord of the Rings fan, die-hard Swifty and an anime enthusiast. I also own two lizards; Paco (bearded dragon) and Reksai (uromastyx). I always try to keep a positive vibe and showing my love through jokes and banter. 

About Me


Leona Lover

Diana Main



Sneaky Neeko

I also play other games such as Teamfight Tactics, VALORANT, Fortnite, PlateUp! and others. I'm always willing to try new games and am available to collaborate with other content creators!



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